Tag: Woodwork

  • Protected: Epoxy Resin River Table

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Custom Built-in Wardrobe

    When we moved house, we went back to the to drawing board and stripped the house back to brick. Looking at room layouts, the conclusion was that a built in wardrobe would be a nice feature so I had my first big project. The dimensions of the space meant that any attempt to purchase some […]

  • Elevation

    The inevitable frustrations of having been given the small room met that my youngest needed something to coax him into a good mood. So instead of rebuilding the bunk beds for the kids in the larger room I took it apart and elevated it. Trusty circular saw out, and a whole bunch of 2×4 studs […]

  • Hobby Time

    With all the career focused activity that almost takes over during training, many of my hobbies fell by the wayside but it’s never to late to have a go at something new. True to my Orthopaedic roots I figured why the hell not live up to the stereotype of being a carpenter because Orthopaedics is […]