Tag: Woodwork

  • Epoxy Resin River Table

    My First Attempt at a River Resin Table…..

  • DIY Router Sled

    All the US videos on resin tables had, at some point, a trip to a friendly lumber yard where the resin table was planed down… No such luck in the Midlands as most yards were only prepared to (understandably) manage their own products. The only option there was to make a router sled. I’ve got […]

  • Custom Built-in Wardrobe

    When we moved house, we went back to the to drawing board and stripped the house back to brick. Looking at room layouts, the conclusion was that a built in wardrobe would be a nice feature so I had my first big project. The dimensions of the space meant that any attempt to purchase some […]

  • Elevation

    The inevitable frustrations of having been given the small room met that my youngest needed something to coax him into a good mood. So instead of rebuilding the bunk beds for the kids in the larger room I took it apart and elevated it. Trusty circular saw out, and a whole bunch of 2×4 studs […]

  • Hobby Time

    With all the career focused activity that almost takes over during training, many of my hobbies fell by the wayside but it’s never to late to have a go at something new. True to my Orthopaedic roots I figured why the hell not live up to the stereotype of being a carpenter because Orthopaedics is […]