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  • Protected: Garage Workbench

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  • Protected: Epoxy Resin River Table

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  • CSTHubUK


    After leading the way with Virtual Core Surgical Training in the West Midlands with consistently high feedback and trainee/trainer engagement the model has been adapted for the national stage. It’s a proud moment for the @PGVLE team to be supporting @CSTHubUK as virtual teaching/learning will be extended to over 1200 core surgical trainees through the […]

  • Hello Worcestershire!

    Hello Worcestershire!

    After 2.5 years at SaTH, during an incredibly difficult time for everyone across the nation I have taken an exciting new opportunity at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust as a Lower Limb Arthroplasty and General Trauma Surgeon. I am joining an exciting and diverse team committed to providing the best care across the county southern […]

  • PGVLE – Anatomy.TV integration

    PGVLE – Anatomy.TV integration

    As the PGVLE surpasses 7500 users, we continue to plan for the future and are proud to announce a collaboration with Primal Pictures to integrate Anatomy.TV into the PGVLE. Now we have, for all of our surgical trainees, access to the Anatomy.TV encyclopaedia which means that users with PGVLE access can get access to the […]

  • Goodbye SaTH

    After 2.5 years at Shrewsbury & Telford Hospitals NHS Trust I have opted to leave. In what has been a fantastic opportunity to developed my consultant persona and establish my practice, i’ve been facilitated by a terrific department at Telford. During my time here I developed my independent practice, built the Virtual Fracture Clinic and […]

  • PGVLE approaches 7500 users

    PGVLE approaches 7500 users

    As we close on 2021, the PGVLE continues to grow and now has nearly 7500 users registered on the platform with ongoing uptake. The recognition that remote and virtual teaching and learning is core part of educational strategy means that this form of delivery is here to stay. I’d love to go back to face […]

  • Aspiring Vascular Courses – Aspire 7 & Aspire 8

    Aspiring Vascular Courses – Aspire 7 & Aspire 8

    So a proud collaboration with the Vascular Society to deliver the Aspire 7 (FRCS practice course for 40 trainees with 23 faculty over 2 days in March 2021) and Aspire 8 (Consultant preparation course for 16 trainees with multiple faculty from the worlds of management, law and medicine). Resounding success and the formats used are […]

  • Custom Built-in Wardrobe

    When we moved house, we went back to the to drawing board and stripped the house back to brick. Looking at room layouts, the conclusion was that a built in wardrobe would be a nice feature so I had my first big project. The dimensions of the space meant that any attempt to purchase some […]

  • Elevation

    The inevitable frustrations of having been given the small room met that my youngest needed something to coax him into a good mood. So instead of rebuilding the bunk beds for the kids in the larger room I took it apart and elevated it. Trusty circular saw out, and a whole bunch of 2×4 studs […]