One of big things about being a consultant is the fact that my job plan involves sessions for non-clinical activities.

Over an 8 week cycle I have:

  1. Elective Operating Theatres
  2. Elective Clinics
  3. Ward Rounds
  4. Trauma Fracture Clinic
  5. On-Call activity
  6. Trauma Operating Theatres
  7. Clinical Administration
    • Referral review & triage
    • Correspondence
    • Results review
  8. Multidisciplinary Team Meetings
  9. Trainee meetings and paperwork
  10. Audit/Research
  11. Management activity
  12. HEE Activity
    • Project Management
    • Policy/Strategy Development
    • Appointing Fellows
    • Running the Digital Teaching Fellowship
  13. Third party engagements/Committees
    • British Orthopaedic Association
    • Royal Colleges

With all of that work only 70-75% of time is clinical and I really value the 25% of other activity that gives me a chance to do different things. It is that interest that led to question why non-consultant grades get the same opportunities and that is the main reason why I developed the Digital Teaching Fellowship in 2020.

Entering 2023 I have gone from having just enthusiastic trainees working in their own time to having several trainees all of whom are in recognised HEE roles with dedicated time to develop what they need.

It has been amazing so far with the people i’ve had the opportunity to work with. For more information on the team and the fellows click here

The opportunities I try to facilitate with the fellows encourages them to pursue whatever interest they have in management, leadership, research, education and IT. The results have been brilliant so far.

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