One of my overriding aims was to grow the PGVLE organically. Not just build it and put it out there but to nurture and invite groups into the fold.

We started with surgery – Vascular and Ortho leading the way, but now all rotations in the West Midlands on board (with some logistical exceptions)

Then we invited Medicine in and with Neurology running joint sessions with East Midlands and GUM involving trainees from further afield we went from 500 to nearly 1300.

Then Psychiatry, Pathology and Emergency Medicine started running sessions with Paediatrics and Foundation doing some exploratory work and we got to 1800.

Now, we are building courses online for regional faculty and this has run to good effect with O&G and surgery running TPD development days online and we now sit at beyond 2000 users. This represents 66% of capacity so it was an awesome call to make to our hosting service to say that we wanted a mid-year upgrade to accommodate up to 5000 users.

Engagement, Empowerment, Collaboration and Collegiality. None of this would be possible without the Digital Teaching Fellows but the awesome team at HEEWM who are facilitating this forward drive.

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