As a trainer one of the most important things I can do is reflect on my time as a trainee. Thinking about my experiences, both the good and the bad and working out how I want to be the best kind of trainer that I can be.

One thing that always stuck with me was the following phrase:

“if you want me to be 100% invested in your career, then you need to be 100% invested in your career”

I can’t remember who said it but it is a powerful reminder of the importance of taking ownership of our own careers. It highlights the fact that no one else can be more invested in our success than we are ourselves, and that we need to be fully committed to our own growth and development if we want others to support us in achieving our goals.

In today’s rapidly changing environment both (regardless of sector), it is more important than ever to take a proactive approach to career development. It’s not enough to simply show up to work and do what’s expected of us. To stay competitive and advance in our careers, we need to constantly seek out opportunities to learn, grow, and develop new skills. I do recognise that this is not always easy due to personal circumstances and the fact that many will be disenfranchised because of pay and working conditions, but the goals are probably still the same.

One way to do this is to take ownership of our own career development. Exercising that autonomy is vital to controlling your progress. I used to look at my portfolio every couple of months to see where I needed to improve or develop. This meant that I was constantly setting goals for myself, seeking out training and development opportunities, and actively pursuing new experiences and challenges that helped me build the skills I felt I needed to succeed.

But it’s not just about what we do as individuals. The phrase “if you want me to be 100% invested in your career” also speaks to the importance of building relationships and seeking out support from others in our professional network including mentors, trainers and colleagues.

However, if we want others to be invested in our success, we need to demonstrate that we are fully committed to our own development. This means being proactive, taking opportunities, and being willing to put in the extra effort required to achieve our goals. This is not easy in the current climate, but although the journey maybe slightly different now to how it was in the past the end-goal remains the same.

I’ve sat in annual review panels and seen portfolios that have been absolutely astounding with activities and achievements that make me look like i’ve done nothing all my life. These individuals are often the easiest to help. Having said that i’ve seen some portfolios that tick all the boxes but the knowing the person behind it often reveals someone who has got a harder situation to contend with but maintains a steely determination to succeed.

In short, the phrase “if you want me to be 100% invested in your career, then you need to be 100% invested in your career” is a call to action for anyone who wants to succeed in their chosen field. By taking ownership of our own development, we can create the conditions for others to support us in achieving our goals, and ultimately build the career we truly want.

So as a trainer, i’ll always start off 100% invested in you. Maintaining that investment is up to you! 🙂

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