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July 2022

I attended my consultation today and met Mr Ahmed for the first time. He introduced himself and put me at ease immediately, I can honestly say that this was the most comprehensive consultation I have ever attended. Mr Ahmed spoke in language I understood and answered all my questions. He explained everything in a calm manner and gave me time to digest the information. I felt that he listened intently to all that I said and responded appropriately. We agreed a plan of action after discussing all options. I left feeling that I had been given the best information and care I could wish for. I am very pleased that I am under Mr Ahmed’s care. He is a credit to the profession. I cannot think of anything to improve! A big thank you from me.

July 2022

Mr Ahmed gave me clear and concise information and guidance before my total knee replacement, he listened with empathy and had my total trust in his abilities.

June 2022

Mr Usman Ahmed is not only A great surgeon he is a nice man. He gave me a knee replacement on 27 June 2022 I met him before my operation date where he explained everything to me in a way i could understand he and every one at Alexandra hospital were wonderful on my two night stay. it is now seven weeks since my operation and my knee is getting better every day. thank you Mr Ahmed for giving me my freedom back I hope you have a long and happy carrier. Paul.

September 2022

Very pleasant doctor and was very reassuring to me and explained the process of the operation and made sure I was aware of how the operation was going to be done and the recovery process

July 2022

Mr Ahmed was friendly, spoke very clearly and was easy to understand. My right knee has no cartilage and I will need a replacement. However, I am not in much pain and can do most things; the main difficulty for me is getting in and out of the car when someone has parked too close to me. I said that I was hoping to get a blue badge and Mr Ahmed said he would support me with that. He suggested that I think about the replacement and maybe decide whether to have it done soon or wait until the pain gets worse. He is keeping me on his books for twelve months and will contact me then if I have not given him my decision. At the end he relayed everything we had discussed into his microphone and it will be typed up and sent to my surgery. I came away feeling very positive and I have plenty of time to decide what to do.